Monday, January 23, 2017

Today - January 23, 2017 - I'm Three Years Melanoma Cancer Clear

Today, January 23, 2017 is the third anniversary of my surgery that left me "Cancer Clear" of melanoma.
Melanoma ignored, or untreated in a timely way, is deadly. Untreated melanoma most often becomes deadly lung cancer or brain cancer.

I'm very pleased that:
1. I suspected that a tiny mole inside my left knee area might be melanoma
2. I asked my physician's opinion who proceeded promptly performed a biopsy of the mole and surrounding tissues
3. Within a week heard the report, "Bad news is, you have melanoma; good news, you/we got it early at stage 1A, requiring surgery, but no chemo or radiation.
4. Receiving a referral for wide-excision surgery to assure removal of all cancer cells in the area inside my left knee area.
5. I've been seeing my oncologist for blood tests and chest x-rays, and my dermatologist, every six months to monitor my increased risk of melanoma or other cancers recurrence.
6. No signs of melanoma or other cancer recurrence have been found.
7. My every six months of check-ups and tests will continue for two more years, at which time I'll get those check-ups less frequently.

I'm so thankful for my cancer risks awareness, prompt medical attention that I sought and received, and continued good reports for the first three years of being cancer-clear.


I'm quite aware that my experience with melanoma was a deadly close call, and I have happy "…miles to go before I sleep".

My continuing health/fitness message to all:
A. Fit does not mean healthy.
B. May we learn our individual health risks for serious, deadly diseases.
C. May we monitor those health risks, i.e. blood pressure, etc.
D. May we promptly seek medical intervention whenever we suspect a significant health problem.
E. Proceed daily to maintain optimal fitness, and thank all our medical caregivers at every turn.
F. "Dance whenever we have the chance."

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